Yellow-browed Warblers - Fair Isle September & October 2015
2015 has gone down as the record breaking year for this stunning species. Records for the isle were broken across the board with the previous day count high of 45 being shattered with 56 on 21st September with 52 several days later becoming the second highest but this was completely smashed by the 76+ at the end of September. It was also a record year for amount of birds rung, previous peak as 16 with a minimum of, I think 32, this year. I personally had Yellow-broweds on all but one day from 21st September through to 20th October.

The following images are from across the isle throughout the trip.
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Fair Isle 2015
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The following bird was an extremely showy individual on the beach of South Haven one sunny afternoon.
One of the birds that was rung; this one being especially bright and green.