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Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker, Rochford, Essex - 16th August 2007
Great spotted Woodpecker, Hockley Woods, Essex - 16th December 2007
Great Spotted Woodpecker, own back garden, Rochford, Essex - 2008
Single male and female Great Spotted Woodpeckers visited the garden with increased regularity during March, this male was photographed through the double glazing.
Wryneck, Peninnis Head, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly - October 2008
An ultra confiding, above and following three images, Wryneck kept the photographers happy for a week on the end of Peninnis Head, St. Mary's Isles of Scilly during October.
Wryneck: Gunners Park, Essex 12th September 2010
A difficult bird to photograph. There are some Wrynecks that don't give a sod about anyone and feed out in the open on short cropped turf and there are those that a skulkers and difficult to get close to, this one was one of the latter.  The following three images were a bonus as it was one of the few times it really did show out in the open.
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Wryneck, Toll's Island, St. Mary's , Isles of Scilly 13th October 2010
There were several Wrynecks on the island whilst I was there however this bird was only seen by myself and one other couple. Wrynecks are always great value to see.
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Wryneck, South Fambridge, Essex 10th September 2011
More of this superb bird can be seen by clicking here
Great spotted Woodpecker, Fair Isle - September 2013
It was rather strange seeing Great Spots on Fair Isle either tapping away at lichen covered fence posts of granit cliff faces.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Hockley Woods, Essex 12th April 2014
Finally managed to track down a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Hockley Woods with this bird representing my first usable photograph of the species
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Rochford, Essex August 2018
This juvenile Great Spot made regular visits to the suet feeders in the garden during the hot weather of July and August 2018