Fair Isle was going through a desperate period of birding which Sheltand and North Ronaldsay having some excellent birds. So it was with great relief that we got a quality bird in the form of the ever stunning White's Thrush. It was initially found on Buness where it had shown well initially but by the time most birders got there from the south of the island it had flown across North Haven to the cliffs at Roskillie.

Through Bins it was nothing more than an orange blob that was difficult to pick out amongst the rocks though through a scope it was a hot to trot Siberian mega star.

Due to range I could only muster record shots, if they could even be called that, which needed a huge crop.

Where's Walley, can you see him? If you give up hover your mouse over the fist image to see where he is.

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UK Rarities
White's Thrush - Roskillie, Fair Isle 7th October 2017