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White's Thrush - Bullock Hole and area, Fair isle 25th September 2013
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Can there be anything more exciting than a White's Thrush, top marks to the guys finding this absolute belter and providing me with a dream come true of seeing one of these on Fair Isle.

The bird was initially seen by the generator by the finder and it flew up the hill and into cover just before breakfast. A flush was organised even though it was thought to possibly have gone as the area could easily be seen and thought that if the bird was there it would be visible. It was duly flushed and went up the hill, and away from me. The flight views were superb and the first couple of images of of this period.

Once it was known where it settle most birders went for breakfast but I wasn't going to let this one go so I headed up the hill. the third image is when it appeared out of a Rabbit burrow it was favouring for a few minutes before go back in, much better but I knew I could get better still. I plonked myself low into the heather and waited. The bird would occasionally poke its head out of the hole and go straight back in and it did this hide and seek for at least 3 hours. It then appeared right out in front of me for a couple of minutes, the last in the set, before it done several flights and went back to the generator and then half hour later lost into Furse.

A magical bird.
Fair Isle 2013