My second Thrush Nightingale of the year, following the bird on Fair Isle in the spring, was this remarkably confiding bird at Sandgarth, Shetland mainland in October. Had to wait a little while for it to appear but when it did it would spend a few minutes at a time running around in front of the small crowd that had gathered. Extremely low light due to overcast conditions and that it was in a shaded area meant I had to ramp up the ISO somewhat to get anything like a fast enough shutter speed, I think these were taken at about 125th Sec. In that respect the Canon 1DX seems to be able to perform extremely well; well at least on subjects in light like this were cropping is not required.

The best of all the Sprossers I've seen so far in the UK

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UK Rarities
Thrush Nightingale - Sandgarth Cottage, Shetland October 2017