Well where to start with a bird like this. Is it one or is it not.

Saturday I visited a local gull hotspot in Essex with the gull ringing group where I was able to check out the gulls nearby in between netting sessions. As I approached the commercial tipping site I stopped to check the first group of gulls nearest to the track. It was here that I immediately picked out the bird in question. It just stood out from the crowd, given the size, shape, rather long looking primary projection, hooded appearance to the breast which came to a sharp demarcation, dark eye and bright bubble gum coloured legs.
The bird was slightly against the light so I decided to get some record shots of it before moving the vehicle to get a better lighted position. I took about 10 or so shots before moving but unfortunately in doing so disturbed the bird and it flew towards the tip face and out of view behind the mud mounds. As it flew I could see the the lack of large amounts of black in the wing tip and a lot more white. As I was moving the Landrover I didn't have my camera to hand at that time.
I parked up over looking the tipping area, well most of of, and within 2 minutes I picked out the bird at the back of the flock, again it was instantly obviously different. I again started taking pictures but most of these were over exposed and once I had changed my settings the bird had turned to face away thus I was only now able to get shots from behind. It then took flight and I rattled a number of shots off as the camera struggled to focus on the bird, I was left with only about 4 usable shots, though only really two of these showed the upper wing pattern, which on review of the bird got me very excited. I lost the bird as it flew down into the large gathered flock of gulls beneath the tip face and that was that. Despite searching for it for many hours after this I didn't see it again.
I also returned to the ringing group where they were set for a second netting but unfortunately the bird was not amongst the birds present.

Updated February 2016 :- This bird has now been accepted by the BBRC as the first for the UK


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Thayer's Gull - Essex, 6th November 2010
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