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Common Tern
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Little Terns, Canvey Point, Essex 8th August 2009 
A fair sized roost exists in the summer on the point where birds can be watched and photographed flying past at close range.
Arctic Terns, Isles of May, Fife May 2006
Common Tern, juvenile/first-year, Southend Pier, Essex - 10th September 2009
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Sandwich Tern
Common Tern, Paglesham Lagoon/River Roach, Essex - 31st July 2011
Arctic Tern, Fair Isle, June 2014
Numerous birds were photographed around Fair Isle, on Buness and at the Sahlsteen colonies where I tried to capture the non standard in flight shots and tried to capture something a little more akin to their twisting in the air nature. . This is a superb tern
Arctic Tern, Fair Isle, May 2016
Again the colony on Buness, Fair Isle, provided some fine photographic opportunities for flyby Arctic Terns. More of this engaging species will be made available in the Fair Isle 2016 gallery pages.