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Great Skuas, Fair Isle, September 2012: plenty of birds still present on the Island at the end of September
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Great Skuas, Fair Isle, September 2013: perhaps even more were present on Fair Isle this September than here last year. They often dive bombed me around Ward Hill and the Homisdale area.

Arctic Skua
Great Skua
Spring birds, here in May and June 2014, are just a little less tatty but they do tend to have closer bombing runs, especially around Ward Hill and Homisdale
I found, during a spring trip to Fair Isle in June 2014, that Arctic Skua shaded out Great Skua for entertainment and just had more character to them. It was a pleasure to be up close and personal with multiple birds of different colour phases, dark through to light. Most encounters are of distance birds, mostly juveniles, seen during a seawatch in the autumn.
Spring birds, here in May 2016 continue to thrive, and seemingly at the expense of the Arctic Skua of which they seem to predate.
In May 2016 it seemed that dark morphs outnumbered the pale morphs by a long way with a few intermediate phases. More images from 2016 will be made available shortly on the Fair Isle 2016 gallery pages however here are few images