Siberian Rubythroat - Bulls Park, Fair Isle 21st October 2015
It was getting late in the day and I was heading back to the Obs and had stop to linger at the plantation. After a few minutes I continued walking but then got a text "rubythroat on Hill Dyke". About turn and running, not far as for first time in ages I was pretty much in the right area. The bird, a female, had been found half way along the wall but I could see David and Ceiran walking towards me slowly so it was clear it was between them and me. Suddenly it was on the grass below the wall before flicking back up. I rapidly got the camera out of the bag and just caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye zoom down the wall. I didn't know if it was it or not so I went in pursuit and relocated it on the wall between the Hill Dyke style and Setter, sat up nicely. I raised the camera lens and found no camera body attached, it had fallen off in the panic and rush. The bird flew towards Setter.

I retrieved the camera body and set about trying to find the bird again. The bird led everyone a merry chase as it often flew large distances between sites, indicating it being fresh in. As the light was failing it was in Bulls Park and no one had got anything other than fleeting views and crappy blurred record shots. I was at the roadside style when the bird flew in and landed on the wall close to me where I was able to get a handful of usable record shots. As it was extremely dull and failing light I had to do something I really didn't like doing and that was shoot about 1000ISO on the camera, in fact I had to ramp it all the way up to 3200ISO and at F4.5 still only got 1/50th second shutter speed thus the end image is dark and very very noisy but it lends to the atmosphere of the rare Sibe chase.

It may have been a non sparkling female but that id not detract from the excitement and enjoyment of the last gaps bird of the day.
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