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Fulmar, North Light, Fair Isle, September 2011
Some excellent opportunities around the island to get shots of these superb seabirds.
Fulmar, Dronger Cliffs, Fair Isle, September 2012
Many birds still present around the cliffs late in the season this year.
Fulmars - Fair Isle, September 2013
As in past years large numbers of Fulmars were present around the cliffs and were often very approachable though with the strong winds around the cliffs the flying birds were a challenge.
Fulmars - Fair Isle, September 2014
Even though I've got a stack of Fulmar images from Fair Isle the temptation is always there when they show this well, hanging in the wind just above the cliff tops.
Fulmars - Fair Isle, May 2016
Still cannot resist paping a few Fulmars whenever I'm on Fair Isle.