I have a knack of finding East Coast Ring-billed Gulls with this now my 6th in South Essex. This follows finding of the famous, and now seems no longer returning, Rossi and adults at Barling Tip, Paglesham Lagoon, Hole Haven Creek and the same then at this location and a further earlier adult also here. A Laughing Gull would make a change.

This individual was small, short legged and heavily streaked on the head and is presumed to be a female. It just appeared next to the Landrover and no cropping of the image has been made, it really was a frame filler.

Ring-billed Gull - Undisclosed Site, Essex 2nd & 11th February 2012
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Remarkably 9 days after first finding this bird I relocated back at the tip where it lingered for around an hour, a little longer than last time. This time it stayed in amongst the large flock of Common and Black-headed Gulls but with careful maneuvering I was able to get some okay shots of it.
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