I was heading up to the Upland Sandpiper again with the intention of getting more photo's and to bird the top end of the island and was crossing the golf course near the 8th tee when I found a Red-throated Pipit. The bird was flushed from near the tee and flew across the golf course calling. I flushed it several times whilst trying to pin it down and it eventually gave itself up to the growing crowd of birders.

The bird initially didn't look that good on the ground and resembled a Tree or Meadow Pipit but had key features of Red-throated, such as the streaked rump, bold Malar, pale yellow based bill and fairly heavy streaked upper-parts. This was perhaps the least obvious Red-throated Pipit I had seen.

I went off for the Sandpiper, which was not showing, and returned to the pipit a few hours later with the intention of improving on my record shots. The below are the images I got of the bird but in the improved late afternoon light it looked like a classic Red-throated. It transpired that there were in fact two different birds on the Golf Course and it seems that my bird had been replaced by this more typical individual.

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Red-throated Pipit - Golf Course, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly October 2011
Scilly 2011
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