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I had not yet been to the top of Ward Hill during my Autumn 2016 visit to Fair Isle so a Bluetail found there by Ceiran whilst I was at the nearby mast saw me climbing to the top, often on hand and knee's as I was shattered by the time I got to the top (lugging my heavy arse 500mm Prime and camera body). The bird was mobile around the rubble on the top of the hill but did show well.

What was presumably the same bird was then found the next day down at the Reava's where it showed very well; at one point flying through my legs !!. However despite it being a largely dead ringer for the Ward Hill bird I suspect this is in fact a different bird as there appear to some consistent differences in the plumage, as I found whilst editing the photos.

The first set are the of the bird on Ward Hill and the second set, taken in brighter conditions, are of the bird at the Reavas.
Red-flanked Bluetail - Ward Hill and Reava's, Fair Isle 12th & 13th October 2016
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The Reava's Bird