Red-backed Shrikes - Fair Isle May & June 2014 : page 1
I ended up with a tally of either 6 or 7 Red-backed Shrikes during my visit with some stunningly males, especially the confiding bird at South Haven Beach which later moved to behind the Obs. There is a breakdown of where each of the birds were.
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This male was found on South Haven Beach before moving the Obs. The weather as normal was a challenge with rain and low light presenting me with ISO's upwards of 640-800, which I don't like usually shooting at. When on the beach it was actively catching sandhoppers/flies and ranged up and down the beach until it decided the Obs Garden was more to it's liking. Careful approach at the Obs rewarded me with some very nice shots but the low light and vibrations caused trouble.
Same bird as above but a couple of hours earlier when it was on the beach at South Haven.
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