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Common Buzzard, Rainham Marshes RSPB, Essex - 20th September 2008.
This bird soared directly over us as we waited for a Wryneck to show, suffice to say the Buzzard showed far better.
       Montagu's Harrier, first-summer male, Wallasea Island, Essex: 17th May 2008
Long staying bird.
Osprey, Gunners Park, Essex - 29th September 2007
Long awaited local tick
Osprey - Canvey Point 14th September 2008
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Osprey - Paglesham Lagoon,  Essex 17th September 2008
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Common Buzzard, Vange Wick, Essex - 19th March 2011
A steady increase has been noted in recent years of local Buzzards with several sites now having sightings of multiple birds, this is one of two here early afternoon.
Montagu's Harrier
Common Buzzard, Rochford, Essex - 7th May 2012
Finally managed to get some photos of the Buzzards over the garden with three seen together though the best images were of two and one, and were also heard mewing. Now becoming a regular occurrence over the garden. Shame I couldn't get all three in the same image.
Marsh Harrier
Marsh Harrier, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex - 7th May 2012
Not often easy trying to get photos of local Marsh Harriers, this immature male is one of the better attempts, and its still needs to be improved on.
Marsh Harrier, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex 25th January 2014
There is currently about 5-6 Marsh Harriers around the Reedbeds of Wat Tyler Country Park, viewable from the scrape gide with a mix of males, females and juveniles, this bird being a juvenile.
Common Buzzard, Hadleigh Downs, Essex 9th March 2014
A remarkable count of 7 birds was made in around an hour early afternoon over the Downs with this bird seemingly taking off from a perch somewhere above us on the hill thus presenting itself as the closest of the bunch.
Marsh Harrier, male, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex 29th March 2014
A rather smart male Marsh Harrier spent some time quartering the reed beds to the north of the scrape until it eventually done a fly by past the hide allowing these reasonable shots to be obtained.
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Hen Harrier
       Hen Harrier, second-year male, Wallasea Island, Essex: 7th December 2016
Wallasea in winter is a great place to see Hen Harriers but not often we get a long staying male.
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Common Buzzard, Rochford,, Essex 19th June 2018
The garden continues to be a source of many a Buzzard sighting but few are ever as low down as this individual; drifted past on a grey late afternoon. It's a rather dark individual with a strikingly pale tail with obvious dark terminal band.