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Collared Dove, own Garden, Rochford, Esex 14th June 2008
This is one of the very first images taken with the new Canon EOS 1D MkIII camera body
Wood Pigeon, own garden, Rochford, Essex 2009
Turtle Doves, Borough Farm, St. Mary's, Scilly, October 2009 
Much watched by visiting birders. Note the raggedy outer primaries and fresh replace wing coverts
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Stock Dove, Undisclosed Site, Essex 5th March 2011
Regularly seen up on the tip but generally fairly scarce elsewhere in the local region. .
Stock Dove
Rock Dove
Rock Dove - The Haa, Fair Isle October 2017
This bird looks to be about as good as a wild Rock Dove will get plumage wise
Turtle Dove - The Havens October 2015
Sign of the times as this was both a year tick (actually seen) and a Fair Isle tick, a bird becoming increasingly more difficult to get. This fine bird spent a little while in the Havens one day and as can be seen it was rather confiding.