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Mealy Redpoll, Fair Isle, September 2011
Mealies could be picked out from by their larger size, thicker necks and overall paler appearance.
Lesser Redpoll, Barkland, Fair Isle, September 2011
Mid-week there was a small arrival of Redpolls with most being Lessers with a few Mealies mixed in, no Arctic Redpolls unfortunately. This Lesser Repoll was on the pink side.
Twite, Fair Isle, September 2013
This charismatic species has been pretty common on my recent trips to the northern isles
Redpoll sp, Chalet, Fair Isle, October 2013
The bird at the rear looks like a North Western type, being fairly large and bull necked, with the bird in the foreground being smaller and darker and could be a Lesser Redpoll type? but seems a little on the large size. The North Western type is represented further below and can be seen as pale.
Mealy Redpoll, Bird Observatory, Fair Isle, September 2013
Could this be a Mealy Redpoll? It was mid sized, pale with pink blush to the breast sides and bold streaking to the flanks and with small black 'bib'
Twite, Fair Isle, September 2014
Not your typical shot but this preening bird shows of its pink blushed rump to perfection
Siskin - Observatory Garden, Fair Isle October 2015
Only a handful of Siskin were on the isle this autumn with one widely ranging male, I saw it around the south in the crofts and at the Obs where I got this shot.
Twite, Fair Isle, May 2016
This photo shows the pink rump clearly which contrast with an otherwise rather non descript plumage
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Mealy Redpoll, Fair Isle, October 2016
Some excellent pale Mealy Redpolls were present at the School, more of these birds can be seen by clicking here
Siskin - Pund, Fair Isle October 2016
A small group of Siskins spent a morning feeding on low seeds at Pund.
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Mealy Redpoll
Redpolls spp.
Scarce Species

Common Rosefinch, Kenaby Fair Isle, September 2014
Serin, Gunners Park, Essex, February 2015

Common Rosefinch, Schoolton, Fair Isle, October 2015
Common Rosefinch, Quoy, Fair Isle, September 2016
Common Rosefinch, Quoy, Fair Isle, September 2016
Siskin, Bird Obs, Fair Isle, October 2017
A small flock of Siskins spent a little time on the thistles heads outside the back door of the Obs. Such an endearing finch..
Twite, Bird Obs, Fair Isle, October 2017
Its fair to say that Fair Isle has a good number of Twite in both passage periods, difficult to go half a day without seeing at least some. Those around the feeders opposite the Obs office window were rather approachable and photogenic.