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Spotted Flycatcher, Gunners Park, Essex - September 2008

Spotted Flycatcher, Gunners Park, Essex September 2009
Of the three Spot Flys in the park today this was the most obliging though it was still mostly distant.
Spotted Flycatcher, Gunners Park, Essex 29th August 2010
A small fall of these wonderful birds, this is one of four from around the old disused Tennis Courts.
Pied Flycatcher, Maypole, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly Aug 2006
Another flycatcher that showed no fear.
Pied Flycatcher, Gunners Park, Essex - September 2008
Scarce local migrant with usually only a handful of birds being seen, usually in Gunners Park

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Pied Flycatcher, Parsonage, St. Agnes October 2010
Far more obliging than the Red-eyed Vireo that I was trying to photograph.
Great Tit
Spotted Flycatcher, Cley Marshes, Norfolk, September 2006
A confiding juvenile along the fence line near the beach car park, note the juvenile spotty upper-parts
Pied Flycatcher, Gunners Park / Garrison, Essex 28th August 2013
Gunners Park certainly is the place to see local Pied Flycatchers with this obliging, though often elusive, fella to the east of the Old Tennis Courts on the other side of the field
Spotted Flycatcher, Gunners Park, Essex, 7th September 2013
The back of the Old Tennis Courts continues to be the most reliable location locally in autumn for this species with this bird being typically confiding
Spotted Flycatcher : Gunners Park, South Essex 6th September 2014
A little more confiding the the Wryneck that was nearby. The dull light was a problem with most shots being blurred with these being about the best I could muster
Spotted Flycatcher, Malcolms Head, Fair Isle May 2016
Don't see many spring birds anymore, they're certainly a local rarity at this time of year so I have to connect on places like Fair Isle
Bearded Tit

Scarce Species

Common Species
Red-breasted Flycatcher, Lower Stoneybrek, Fair Isle, October 2016
Red-breasted Flycatcher, Brecks, Fair Isle, October 2015
Red-breasted Flycatcher, Bird Observatory, Fair Isle May 2017
Red-backed Shrike, Tresco, Isles of Scilly October 2006
Red-backed Shrike, juvenile, Great Wakering, Essex 30th September 2007
Red-backed Shrike, juvenile, Vange Marsh, Essex 22nd August 2010
Red-backed Shrike, female, Vange Marsh, Essex 11th June 2011
Red-backed Shrike, juvenile, Bowers Marsh, Essex 31st August 2013
Red-backed Shrike, juvenile, West Canvey Marshes, Essex 11th September 2013
Great Grey Shrike, Hoini, Fair Isle,
October 2016
Great Grey Shrike,Fair Isle, October 2014
Great Grey Shrike, Gunners Park,
Essex 29th September 2007
Red-backed Shrikes, female, Chalet, Fair Isle, May 2017
Red-backed Shrikes, multiples, Fair Isle, May 2016
Red-backed Shrikes, multiples, Fair Isle, May & June 2014
Great Grey Shrike, Water Tanks and Obs, Fair Isle, October 2016
Red-breasted Flycatcher, Steensi Geo and Lower Leogh, Fair Isle September 2017
Great Grey Shrike, Meadow Burn, Fair Isle, October 2017
Marsh Tit