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Whitethroat, Fleet Head, Great Wakering, Essex - 15th May 2008
Whitethroat, Gunners Park 18th April 2009
If he wasn't in dense brambles he was at the top of the nearest pine tree, tricky seems to be the game this year.
Blackcap, Two Tree Island, Essex 10th April 2011
Rather pleased with the outcome of this shot as the light was at an angle
Willow Warbler
Lesser Whitethroat
Garden Warbler
Garden Warbler, Stackhoull, Fair Isle, September 2013
Despite showing well my camera settings were slightly off as I was photographing a Barred Warbler at the time.
Blackcap, Pund, Fair Isle October 2015
There was a lot of Blackcaps on Fair Isle this autumn, some, such as this bird, showed very well.
Lesser Whitethroat, Stackhoull, Fair Isle, September 2012
A regular bird around the shop garden
Lesser Whitethroat - Stackhoull, Fair Isle, September 2015
A few Lesser Whitethroats were seen during the trip and all looked rather pale and subdued thus suggestive of more eastern birds. This individual had a liking for Stackhoull and never strayed to far from the garden here.
Dartford Warbler, Dunwich Heath, Suffolk 25th April 2009
Often mostly out of range of the camera lens the above bird was by far the closest bird on the day though it only stayed put for less than ten seconds whilst the bird below sat out singing constantly for fiften minutes but well away form the path, frustrating but cracking little birds.
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Blackcap, Gunnawark and Midway, Fair Isle October 2016
Another reasonable autumn for migrant Blackcaps across the island.
Common Species

Scarce Species

Marsh Warbler, Rainham Marshes, Essex 3rd June 2007
Marsh Warbler, Pund, Fair Isle June 2014
Melodious Warbler, Shirva Fair Isle September 2011
Icterine Warbler, Schoolton Fair Isle June 2014
Icterine Warbler, Chalet, Fair Isle October 2016
Barred Warbler, Fair Isle, September 2013
Barred Warbler, Steensi Geo, Fair Isle, October 2014
Barred Warbler, Setter, Fair Isle, September 2012
Siberian Chiffchaff, Vange Marsh, Essex 13th April 2013
Siberian Chiffchaff, Fair Isle, October 2015
Yellow-browed Warblers, Fair Isle September 2011
Yellow-browed Warblers, Fair Isle, September 2012
Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, September 2013
Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, September 2014
Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, September and October 2015
Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, September and October 2016
Marsh Warbler, Bird Obs, Fair Isle
September 2017
Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, September and October 2017
Wood Warbler
Lesser Whitethroat, Shirva Thistles, September 2017
The Lesser Whitethroats that I tend to see on Fair Isle tend to look a little different to the birds that I get in the scrubland at home in Essex. These birds are pale, washed out and almost sandy coloured and are most likely to be 'blythi', they certainly seem to fit the bill. Several Lesserthroats lingered around the thistles at Shriva for some time and with patience I was able to get some reasonably images which reflect their overall 'pallid' tones.