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Ring Ouzel

Fieldfare, Vange Wick, Essex, 31st January 2010
Fieldfare, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, 20th October 2010
Good arrival of birds later in the month
Ring Ouzel, Gunners Park, EssexApril 2012
A super male spent a few days lingering around the east end of the reserve though was generally fairly difficult to get any shots of as he was always well beyond the fence
Blackbird, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly April 2006
Most male Blackbirds show yellower bill and eye ring than this individual
Redwing, Meoness, Fair Isle, October 2013
Up close Redwings are super looking birds
Redwing, North Haven, Fair Isle, October 2014
A large arrival of Icelandic Redwings occurred from mid October with many birds eventually becoming fairly confiding. Icelandic birds are somewhat darker with thicker bolder breast and flank streaking
Redwing - Fair Isle, October 2015
This was the commonest thrush seen, outnumbering all others by a wide margin. We first encountered continental birds however as October progressed we got the darker icelandica birds, note instead of neat streaking and red flank patch the streaks are more blotched, solid and dark and merge with the red.
Fieldfare - Fair Isle, October 2015
Not overly common amongst the much more numerous Redwings and Song Thrushes. A few did present the slimmest of photographic opportunities as they tended to be less approachable that the Redwings.
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Ring Ouzel, Wakering Stairs, Essex April 2017
Three super birds were present at Wakering Stairs but generally kept there distance
Redwing : Fair Isle 2018
Actually I really enjoyed the Redwings when they arrived, mainly due to the fact that the first wave were of the much larger and darker icelandic race with the second wave being of continental birds when we had our brief spell of easterlies. The main bird below was one of the first to appear and it was absolutely shattered and was reluctant to fly from it's chosen perches on the roadside. For more images of Redwing click on the first image below to visit my Blog Post