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Wren, Peninnis Head, St. Mary's 
I like this shot due to the lichen covered dry stone wall
Wren, Peninnis Head, St. Mary's, May 2010
Plenty of songsters out in the spring
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Waxwings, Wellesley Hospital, Southend on Sea, Essex 28th November 2010
I fine flock of these cracking birds was in residence today at Wellesley Hospital. Despite the birds feeding in berry trees right next to the car park and little in the way of disturbance it was frustratingly difficult to get any images of these birds. The berry bushes were in such a position that that I was either photographing against a grey sky, not nice, or the birds were nearly always on the far side of the bushes. I gave up after an hour and half with the below being my best efforts..

Waxwing's - Eagle Way, Shoebury,26th December 2010
A super flock of 60 or more Waxwings were present along Eagle Way, Shoebury on 26th December allowing me perhaps some of my better opportunities to get some decent images in good light. All of the following images are hand held using the 500mm F4 prime lens, back ache now but nice efforts. Hopefully these birds will be around for a while longer yet.
Waxwings - Oaken Grange Drive, Prittlewell, Southend-on-sea, Essex 9th April 2011
A nice but mobile flock of Waxwings just down the road from me were visited several times, mornings were best when the light was better. These images here are with the Sigma 300mm F2.8 lens with the Canon 1.4x extender. I was trying out the new lens to see how it performs, I thought the images were a little front focused but will have to try a few more out though to be sure.
Waxwings - Southchurch Park West, Southend-on-sea, Essex 23rd December 2012
Extremely low light, high ISO rating, this the best I could get of this mobile and ranging flock of 50 or so birds
Waxwings - Somerset Avenue, Rochford Essex 10th April 2011
This fine flock made its way onto my garden list, finally
'Fair Isle' Wren, Wirvie, Fair Isle, June 2014
Many of these were heard around the cliffs, and occasionally seen, but this birds was the best performer on the cliff top at Wirvie
Waxwings - Bird Observatory, Fair Isle October 2016
Some excellent early migrants arrived at the end of the month; more images of the Fair Isle birds can be seen by clicking here
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Bluethroat, Porth Hellick Beach, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly October 2011
Bluethroat, Pund, Fair Isle September 2014
Bluethroat, Schoolton, Fair Isle, October 2015
Bluethroat, multiples, Fair Isle, May 2016
Bluethroat, Shirva, Fair Isle, September 2016

Bluethroat, The Haa, Fair Isle, September 2017
'Fair Isle' Wren, Upper Leogh, Fair Isle, October 2018
A confiding bird along the dry stone walls of the Upper Leogh croft