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Little Owl, Fleet Head, Great Wakering, Essex - 21st July 2007
An injured bird - digiscoped
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Long-eared Owl: Undisclosed Site, Essex April 2010
A difficult bird to get a clear unobstructed view of let alone photograph
Barn Owl, Gunners Park, Essex - 2nd November 2008
Despite flying against a grey sky when it was flushed from its roost in the pines it is still relatively well lit. Magnificent bird.
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Short-eared Owl - West Canvey Marshes RSPB Reserve, Essex 18th November 2012
One of two birds that showed well, though often distantly, in beautiful light early evening.
Short-eared Owl
Little Owl, Paglesham West End, Essex - June 2003
One from the archives here, digiscoped in the early evening
Long-eared Owl: Hadleigh Downs, Essex
Another from the archives, from the owl roost that has no long since been abandoned - digiscoped
Barn Owl, South Fambridge, Essex 3rd February 2013
An impromptu and rushed shot as the bird flew up and landed on the post shortly after being seen so rush to get camera out and get only a few hand held shots at high ISO before it flew off
Short-eared Owl, Wallasea Island, Essex 2nd February 2014
Three superb individuals now seem to have taken up their normal winter residence on the island. This bird was favouring the reptile area to the south west of the main car park. Due to the location many of the shots taken were back lit but this gives a pleasant halo effect to the rear of the wings.
This image shows the bird in dive mode after a rodent in the grass.
Often perched at range on the far side of the field
Losing the sun and dusk rapidly reducing photographic opportunities.
Not much more than a silhouette when it broke the skyline
Short-eared Owl, Fair Isle, October 2014
A couple of birds flew around over the Houll near Midway with this bird coming right over my head, I was literally pointing the lens straight up to get these shots.
Long-eared Owls - Chalet, Shirva and Observatory, Fair Isle  October 2015
By far the best views I've had of Long-eared Owls on Fair Isle and the first I've seen in the hand. The Chalet bird was just basking in the sun and cared not for the birders close by. The Shirva bird was sat up on a fence and more exposed to the windy conditions and appeared to be a fresh arrival.
Short-eared Owls - October 2015
There was a good arrival during the moth with birds seen at dusk or when flushed from the boggy areas around Kirki Mire and Da Water. It wasn't unusual to see 8+. A record count was made at months end, after I had left, of somewhere in the region of 30+ birds one day. The below images are from Kirki Mire and near Barkland and often difficult light conditions.