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High Island, Texas April 2008
First spring trip but second to Texas. I only covered the Upper Coast in around 10 days with aim of seeing many of the warblers and waders that migrate through the famous area of High Island. Several exciting arrival of migrants were witnessed.
Central Peru June 2007
The Central Peruvian birding gem that is the Santa Elena Valley was to be our main focus of the trip gain height throughout the valley to in excess of around 15,000feet visiting stunning Andean scenery and high altitude endemics whilst also touching on the tropical rainforest areas of Villa Rica. Target species such as the enigmatic Diademed-sandpiper Plover, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock and Seedsnipe were all seen well.
Peru August 2007
Return trip to Peru a few months after the first was a short lived visit with main target being to see Macchu Picchu and to look for hummingbirds at Lake Huacarpy. The coast near Lima produced nesting Inca Terns, Magalenic Penguins, Gulls, Pelicans and the Peruvian Thicknee.
California March 2007
A short visit of around six days only meant concentration on the Monterey area, with its birding hotspots of Moss Landing, Elkhorn Slough and Point Pinos and the inland locations of Merced National Wildlife Refuge with the stunning masses of hundreds of Sandhill Cranes and many many thousands of white geese.
New Zealand November 2006
What can be said about birding in Australia other than Albatrosses and more Albatrosses. We traveled from North Island to South Island and covered a number of sites seeing much of the wildlife evening if the weather was against us much of the time. Mountains, thermal areas, Gandalf, Kiwi's and of course Albatrosses.
Uganda June 2005
The only gallery here that covets Africa, so far, despite visiting several times previous. As always African is the pinnacle of birding and wildlife watching and Uganda was equal to the task. We cruised the swamps looking for the imposing Shoebill, visited the Murchison Falls and safari'd around the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Hikes included into the Congo Basin and in search of Gorilla's at Bwidni with Mburo ending with Zebras and Finfoot.
Galway February 2009
Included here as this is show case really for the gulls seen whilst on the Galway Coast. The trip was triggered by seeing the impressive looking adult Kumliens Gull which was thankfully still present at Nimmo's Pier.
California November 2009
This second California trip was more expansive than the 2007 trip and covered the San Francisco Bay area, Yosemite National Park, the Giant Redwoods, the dry south of Joshua Tree National Park, the Salton Sea, Mt. Pinos and the California Coastline from Morro Bay to Monterey and north to Bodega Bay. Aim was to see Thayer's Gull but also to see many other birds with again the spectacle of cranes and geese in their thousands at Merced.
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Thailand February 2011
Really the main purpose of this trip was to see Spoon-billed Sandpiper and I opted for an organised trip to achieve this goal. My goal was achieved and so was to see my other most wanted bird, Banded Pitta which out done the also impressive Guerny's Pitta. This trip was hot and humid and apart from the main targets was not on my list of want to return to destinations.
Ohio & Michigan May 2011
11 days was spent largely covering the migrant traps along the south shore of Lake Erie in Ohio with main birding sites centred around the boardwalk and woodlot of Magee Marsh and Ottawa with excursions to sites nearby within an hour or so's drive. The trip took a detour by traveling into Michigan to Mio to see the rare and localised Kirtlands Warbler as non passed through Magee whilst were there. Poor weather in Ohio resulted in some of the most enjoyable birding experienced anywhere with arms length American Wood-warblers.
Israel March & April 2013
A two week long trip following roughly the itinerary as in March 2012 but targeting missed species. Trip did not have the overall abundant of grounded migrants but this was made for in some quality birds. Trip covered the fish ponds briefly of Maagan Mikhael and then to the Beat Shean alley , down through the Dead Sea region to the Arava Valley with excursions from there to the Negev Desert at Nizzana.

Israel April & May 2014
Third successive trip to Israel in spring was aimed at witnessing the the Honey Buzzard passage through the Eilat Mountains this 10 days were used solely in the south which occurs a month later than previous trips.
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Israel March 2012
A migrant heavy trip with record breaking numbers of scarce migrants such as Pied and Cyprus Pied Wheatears and stacks of Semicollared Flycatchers, Cretszchmar's Buntings and Balkan Warblers. 10 days covered the fish ponds of Maagan Mikhael, the Beat Shean Valley, the Dead Sea, the Arava and Nizzana.
Texas April 2015
A little over 2 weeks was spent covering the inland area of the Edwards Plateau for is speciality birds, Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo, down to the dry south west and the Davis Mountains State Park and impressive Big Bend National Park and the upper Texas Coast around Galveston and High Island with a stop at Brazos Bend State Park.

Galapagos Islands August 2007
One of those places one must simply visit in their lifetime. Not a huge species list but a full cruise around the islands produced most of the endemics. Waved Albatross, Galapagos Hawks, Seabirds, the Darwin Centre, Woodpecker Finch using a tool. So many highlights in an island chain that is so contrasting.
Ecuador September 2007
Third destination in the Peru, Galapagos trip was Ecuador covering the humid rainforests of Sacha Lodge, the high plains of Antisana and the cloud forest of San Isidro resulting in tanagers, rare owls, Antpitta's and dawn in the canopy.
Eastern Australia November 2008
The dry Outback was the highlight of the North Queensland leg of the trip which started in the hot and humid Cairns. A trip out to the Sooty Tern colony on Michaelmas Cay, the Daintree Region, the increasingly drier interior around Kingfisher Lodge, Mareeba, the Atherton Tablelands and the super Georgetown Outback. In the south O'Reilly's was great for the troublesome species and the dry interior of New South Wales area again outshone the coast. Wildlife highlights include feeding Rock Wallabies from the hand and having a Galah on my shoulder purring.

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Israel March 2016
After a gap in 2015 I was back in Israel and birding the Fish Ponds in the Beit Sh'ean Valley, the Dead Sea region and the Arava with Ian from Norfolk. The Fish Ponds were absolutely loaded with birds whilst the Arava was a little quiet on the migration front but did have some great birding. It was again hugely enjoyable but one thing I noted was that it was a little more difficult to get sharp images, this either to do with heat haze or a camera issue.
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Israel April & May 2016
So making up for the gap year in 2015 I made two visits to Israel this spring, the second to again witness the spectacular Honey Buzzard passage. We had some excellent movement through the mountains on a couple of days and at Neot Semader whilst a good number came down to the Salt Pans to drink one late morning. Migrants were sporadic but some good days were had with some goodies found, White-throated Robin, Black Scrub Robin, Olive-tree Warbler, Ortolans, Eleonora's Falcon, Sooty Falcon, and so on. Another great spring in Israel.
Israel March 2017
This was a bumper year for sylvias and I had a whole hat full f each. There was some spectacular raptor movement through the mountains and there were was a good spread of species to keep the interest going. Highlights were Black Bush Robin, Ruppell's Warbler, Subalpine Warblers, large numbers of raptors, the Great Spotted Eagle at Neve Etan, Collared Flycatchers, Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Cream-coloured Coursers, McQueens Bustards, Eastern Bonelli's Warblers at KM20, the migrating Purple Herons, the KM19 Little Crakes and much much more
Israel April & May 2018
Highlights this year included the Corncrake, thousands of Bee-eaters, the Rollers, Bleu-cheeked Bee-eaters, Rufous and Black Scrub Robins, Olive-tree, Upchers and Eastern Olivaceous Warblers, Collared and Semicollared Flycatchers, Pharaoh Eagle Owl, Scops Owls, Western Rock Nuthatch, Rock Buntings, Rock Sparrows, Sombre Tits, Calandra Larks, Lesser Spotted Eagles, White-eyed Gulls, two species of Skua, Sooty Shearwaters, Golden Orioles, singing Black-headed Buntings...well you get the picture, there was a lot seen.