Piping the Upland Sandpiper to bird of the trip was this very long staying waterthrush. I had gone to Scillies a day early to make sure I got it by sod's law it didn't play ball until the evening of the Sunday, 3 days later, at Higgo's Pool when it appeared a little after 6pm. It was then seen subsequently on several mornings and around the Lower Moors area. Superb bird, just a shame about the bling it's now carrying.

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Northern Waterthrush - Lower Moors St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly October 2011
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Scilly 2011
The first image was taken in a rush on the first evening that I saw it; camera lens semi perched-semi hand held in poor and rapidly deminishing light.
Subsequent images taken in the morning at about 8:45am though light still on the poor side so ISO around 640-800 with a shutter speed of only about 1/250th of a second but at least better than the ISO2000 used on the first picture.
This final image was taken at Shooters Pool the evening before I left the islands and is the only shot I have of the bird away from Higgo's Pool. It was at the back of Shooters and was in very poor light but at least it shows the bird in different surroundings.