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Weasel, Gunners Park, Essex 12th September 2009
This inquisitive fellow kept coming back to check me out to make sure what I was doing.
Fox, Pitsea, Essex 8th December 2012
This incredibly tame animal is in tip top condition, not like some of the foxes around the tip.
The Sly old Fox...I like this shot
Weasel - Bowers Marsh RSPB, Essex August 2014
This superb confiding critter kept checking me out and at one point playing hide and seek around a gate, each time I'd move the camcorder to one side it would hop back the other. Best views I've had of one of these in an age.
Fox - Bowers Marsh 23rd May 2015
I rather like this shot
Seals - South Harbour, Fair Isle,September and October 2015
I spent a little time with the Seals near South Harbour, in the small inlets around Skadan where some were hauled out.
I like these shots of a friendly face seal watching me and not realising the Dart Vader is watching him.
"He's behind me isn't he"
House Mouse
House Mouse - Garden, Rochford 26th December 2016
This mouse making the most of the bird seed put out in the garden