What else can be said other than 'Oh my god', right place, right time.

This second for Britain, the first was on Scilly way back in 1981 which was only seen by about 50 or so birders, was found by Jason Moss late in the afternoon whilst I was typically at the far end of the Island and about as far away as one could be on Fair Isle from the bird. Still it showed well on my eventual knackered arrival on the other side of the Geo till dusk. Due to a lot of running and subsequent heavy breathing, sweat, adrenalin, shaking in all my limbs and distance from the bird the following images represent the best I could get. There were a lot more that were throw away images. I have included a few original wide shots showing the overall view of the bird whilst most are crops.

Regardless of the image quality this will remain firmly in my memory as one of my all time favourite birding moments.

Magnolia Warbler - Copper Geo, Lerness, Fair Isle,  September 2012
Fair Isle 2012
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