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Little Gull - Larus minutus
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Currently the only decent images I have of Little Gull, older images are poor digiscope efforts, are of this First-year bird at Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex in 2007.

On the underwing above note the plain pale grey primaries with black tips; the black tipped central tail feathers, the small black bill, small dark ear spot which extends up and onto the crown and the grey wash the neck and breast sides.
The upper-wing of the same bird above showed dark outer 'hand' with white 'window' to the inner webs of the outer most primaries. The is a dark carpal bar across the wing whilst the greater coverts are silvery white. The secondaries are white tipped and fringed with grey centres.

The mantle is completely plain grey. Note the new central tail feathers are all white and slightly longer than the black banded outer feathers.

In addition the wings look rather broad, short and rounded thus differing from similar species, Kittiwake and Sabine's Gull, at this age