I was on St. Martin's when I received a call that a male Little Bittern had been found back on St. Mary's. It was time to come off on the earlier than planned boat. On arrival at Higher Moors I missed the bird at the Holy Vale end by only a few minutes which was frustrating. After an hours wait I decided to sit it out in the Stephen Sussex hide at Porth Hellick and after half an hour a Little Bittern flew in and landed in the cut of reeds. This was the first time the bird had been seen on the deck.

This bird though was not a male but a female so it seems likely that two birds were involved which was supported a few days later when an adult male was seen at Lower Moors which was presumably the same original bird that was initially found at Higher Moors. Either way it managed to find its way onto my UK list as all previously twitchable birds in the UK had been missed as I had invariably been out of the country at the time, nice to get a lifer on Scilly.
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Little Bittern - Porth Hellick Pool, St. Mary',s, Isles of Scilly May 2009
Scilly 2009