1st-winter: Hole Haven Creek, Essex - 23rd February 2008
This is a very dusky looking bird. Overall the structure and jizz of the bird implies Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Note the following features:
- Dark scapulars with neat white fringes  creating a intricate scaloped pattern.
- Very dark brown wing coverts with only the narrowest of limited whitish fringes creating a 'solid' mid wing
- Very dark tertials with only limited pale tips
- Dusjy under-parts with whiter undertail coverts, with bold and widely spaced barring, and paler breast and head
- Darker feathering around the eye
- Long primary projection adding to the long tepered rear end
1st-winter: Hole Haven Creek, Essex - 29th February 2008
As with the previous bird a very dark, dingy looking bird. Similar traits are also visible; heavily mottled grey under-parts with paler contrasting head. The dark brown wing coverts show very limited pale tips and fringes so give a solid mid winged appearance. The tertials are dark with pale tips and the primaries are long.

There are a number of replaced scapulars.
1st-winter: Hole Haven Creek, Essex - February 2008
Note the solid grey body becoming blotched on the breast and next sides whilst the paler neck and head are contrasting.

There is a limited amount of pale fringing to the wing coverts.
1st-winter: Rainham Marshes RSPB, Essex - January 2007
A near perfect example of comparisons. Note the Lesser Black-backed Gulls more tapered and longer rear end compared to the Herring Gull.

The bird is also noticeably darker; darker grey scapulars which contrast less with the darker and less white fringes wing coverts.

The Herring Gull by comparison looks pale with obvious barring across the wing coverts.
1st-summer: Garrison, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly - 6th May 2006
A very worn and bleached individual however note the lack of strong wing covert barring and the mid grey scapulars.

Structurally it also differs from the Herring Gull.
all birds of the race graellsii unless otherwise stated
1st-winter: Hole Haven Creek, Essex - 23rd  February 2008
Another direct comparison with similarly aged Herring Gull. Most notably compare the following:
- wing coverts
- tertials (just visible on the Herring Gull)
- duskier, less 'mottled' under parts
- paler head and neck
1st-summer: Garrison, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly - 6th May 2006
Same bird as in previous image but now compare structure with a second summer Lesser Black-backed Gull
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Lesser Black-backed Gull - Larus fuscus

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1st-winter: Private Site, Essex - 4th April 2009
A typical dusky looking individual.

The greater coverts are solid, especially towards the outer feathers, and the dark tertials only show limited white tips.