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Second-winter, Nimmo's Pier, Galway, Ireland 22nd February 2009
Photographed with Canon 1D MkIII with Canon 500mm F4 Prime Lens
Aged as second-winter due to pale eye, bill colour, and pale grey saddle. very similar to 3rd-winter Iceland Gull though this bird still has dark feather shafts to the wing coverts and tertials. A few of the inner median coverts have been replaced pale grey. Note the small round head and delicate build of the bird. This bird was seen in January 2009 and identified as a Kumliens. Images of the bird then can be found on www.irishbirdimages.com which shows an obvious brownish wash to the primaries which has, by this time, all but disappeared.
Kumlien's Gull - Larus glaucoides kumlieni
Second-winter Kumlien's Gull, Essex 2nd January 2010
This bird was photographed in South Essex in early January and show characters that are supportive of it being a Kumlien's Gull; most obviously the dusky wash to the primaries which are paler on the inner webs and the virtually all dark tail.

It was of the Iceland/Kumliens type when found and I feel this is reflected in the images here. It is aged as a second-winter by virtue of the pale eye and pale based bill; the grey scapulars and finely marked wing-coverts and tertials.

A number of features detailed below seem support the ID as a Kumlien's over an extremely dark end variant of Iceland Gull.