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Israel - March 2017

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Storks, Pelicans, Ibis, Flamingo & Cormorant
So another spring and another visit to Israel for migration action. I do enjoy the birding out here. I visited a little earlier than usual so I could increase my chances of more Ruppell's and Subalpine Warblers, the latter has eluded me in recent visits, and this year proved to be a bumper year for both species. Nearly everywhere I went I found Ruppell's Warblers so happy days. It was also a good year for larks with nemesis bird finally giving way with 70 Temminck's Larks at Uvda Valley, with some also at KM82. Another species that has oddly eluded me since I have been coming back since 2012 has been Desert Wheatear and I had a few this spring so again happy bunny. There was great birding and species seen after the initial failure on day one of getting any of my three target birds and ended with a high of four of both McQueens Bustard and Cream-coloured Courers at Nizzana.

I was also trying out the camera body, 1DX, so hopefully these images are of some improvement over those from previous trips, the low noise in low light situations seemed to work well, the Black Bush Robin and Little Crakes benefited from this.

Overall a great trip.
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