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Israel - March 2012

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Flamingo's, Pelicans & Spoonbills
My first trip overseas was to Israel back in 1996 which opened my eyes to the wider world of birding outside of the UK and ever since I've wanted to make a return visit. This year my visit coincided with one of the best springs through the country for a number of years and it was highly enjoyable to walk around the town parks of Eilat and see flocks of Cretzcshmar's Buntings, Black-headed Wagtailsand Red-throated Pipits. However a few target species were not seen, such as Hooded, Mourning and Desert Wheatears, Hume's Owl, Caspian Plover, Bee-eaters and Roller whilst the number one target just didn't turn upthis year at all, Black Bush Robin but overall the birding was superb. A must return destination.

From a photography perspective the ours between 6.30 and 9am and then again from about 3.30pm onwards were best as there was little heat haze. As the temperature rose rapidly in the morning getting half decent shots after this time would require the birds to be at point blank range and even then sometimes the 'wobble' of the heat resulted in distorted images. My flock shots of migrating raptors were just not reproducable here. Overall though the end results seen here are more than acceptable.

Bustards, Sandgrouse & Francolin
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