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Israel - April & May 2014

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Flamingo's & Stork's
A further trip to the migrant highway of southern Israel was later in the spring season than previous years with the purpose of witnessing the spectacle of the Honey Buzzard and Levant Sparrowhawk migration. Whilst the Honey Buzzard movement was just stunning I missed the Levant's migration by a week with only a couple of singleton's seen. Generally migration through the valley was slower than expected and slower than previous springs at this time of year by other birders visiting. Still it was great to see Thrush Nightingales, Barred Warblers, Eastern Olivaceous Warblers, White-winged Black Terns and Broad-billed Sandpipers.

Some of the highlights were the scarcer birds, finding a female Crested Honey Buzzard at the Canal, finding an Olive-tree Warbler at KM26 and finding the Dark-chanting Goshawk just south of Yotvata, the second for Israel.

I must return to the Arava at this time of year again in the future.
Crakes & Partridge
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