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Isles of Scilly - 2013 : page 1
Little Egret, Old Town Bay, St. Mary's, October 2013
One or two were seen around the bays with this bird being the closest and most obliging.
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UK Rarities
Sora, Tresco Great Pool, 13th October 2013
The rarest bird seen on the island was at the beginning of the trip.  More long range images of this bird here
Spotted Crake, Porth Hellick, St. Mary's, October 2013
Two SpotCrakes were seen with this bird being the first and found by Graham whilst I was sat in the hide. The bird was only present for for about 20 or seconds before it walked back into cover never to be seen again.
Common Snipe, Porth Hellick Pool, St. Mary's, October 2013
This confiding bird was seen in the company of a couple of Jack Snipes right in front of the hide
Jack Snipe, Porth Hellick, St. Mary's, October 2013
Two Jack Snipe were showing extremely well from the Stephen Sussex hide at Porth Hellick
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Short-toed Lark
Black Redstart
Jack Snipe
Spotted Crake
Little Egret
Video Clips
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This was the worst autumn I've ever had on the islands from a birding perspective with so few birds around and with even fewer rarities. As much as I love the islands, and again it was a pleasure to wander the islands, there has to be birds and this year there was so little around. There were no flocks of finches, pipits or larks to go through whilst warblers were hard to come by with more Yellow-broweds being seen than Blackcaps. Highlights were Pallid Swift, Sora, Spotted Crake, Short-toed Lark and Purple Heron as well as a number of Yellow-broweds, Wryneck and Rosy Starling. On paper it looks okay but it it was desperate birding. Typically after two weeks on the islands the very last week was much improved, as I got home.

So here are some of the images from the trip and as can be seen there are not as many as in previous years.