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American Golden Plover

Lesser Yellowlegs
Pectoral Sandpiper
Wilson's Snipe
Isles of Scilly - 2011
There was a very good selection of major rarities on Scilly at the end of September and into early October and I was desperate that the Scillies ticks linger more than any other. Most did linger however the Pallid Harrier and the Honey Buzzard both departed the day before I arrived however I was able to catch up with the Black Kite on it's last morning, the Tresco Least Sandpiper and both of the Lesser Yellowlegs. It was a few days before I caught up with the Northern Waterthrush, after thinking it had departed, which was the second UK lifer I had had in a week, following the Sandhill Crane in Suffolk. I ended up with six Scillies ticks, the last being a Treecreeper but perhaps I will also remember that if I had done the middle two weeks of the month I would have still got the Waterthrush, the Least Sandpiper, Black Kite, Treecreeper, Lesser Yellowlegs as well as Scarlet Tanager, (that one still hurts as I came off a day earlier for the one in Cornwall which I missed; I would have got if I had stayed), Dusky Warbler and White-rumped Sandpiper, though I would have missed the Yellow-legged Gull.

Some excellent birds all round with some self finds including the Red-throated Pipit on the Golf Course and a Bluethroat on St. Agnes.

Bring on next year.....

Black Kite, Pelistry, St. Mary's
One of the three birds that arrived during the third week of the month which gave me a merry chase around as I tried to get anything close to a decent image. More of these birds by clicking here
Upland Sandpiper
Least Sandpiper
Black Redstart
Spotted Crake
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Scillies Home Page
UK Rarities
Red-throated Pipit
Olive-backed Pipit
Northern Waterthrush
Spotted Crake, Abbey Pool, Tresco 
Avery confiding bird that often walked within feet of those gathered; more of this bird here.
American Golden Plover, Airfield, St. Mary's 
It's not October on Scillies without an American Golden Plover, a few more images here.
Upland Sandpiper, Maypole, St. Mary's 
A super bird that showed well in a ploughed field near Maypole Triangle for a few days before relocating to Borough Farm; more of this first on Scillies since 1999 by clicking here.
Lesser Yellowlegs, Lower Moors, St. Mary's 
A with many other birds this autumn this juvenile Lesser Yellowlegs showed exceptionally well; more of this super bird here.
Lesser Yellowlegs, Great Pool, Tresco 
Seen prior to the Lower Moors bird it was a little more distant but even when it was close it was always against the sun.
Least Sandpiper, Abbey Pool, Tresco 
Only the third for Scilly and the first since the mid 1960's this is a major bird for the islands; click here to see more.
Pectoral Sandpiper, Big Pool, St. Agnes 
Continuing the theme of rediculously confiding birds this superb juvenile PecSand often showed down to feet. More here.
Wilson's Snipe, Lower Moors, St. Mary's 
The differences between this and Common Snipe were clearly seen as it often showed well, flaunting it's wears; more here.
Bluethroat, Porth Hellkick Beach, St. Mary's 
I think the image say's it all about how well it showed; click here to see more of this dapper bird.
Bluethroat, Porth Killier/Big Pool, St. Agnes 
One of the few birds I found this trip, not as good looking as the Porth Hellick bird.
Black Redstart, Deep Point, St. Mary's 
There was an arrival of Black Redstarts from the middle of the second week of October with initially one's and two's until three's and four's at sites were the norm. This bird was at the small coastal quary near Deep Point.
Red-throated Pipit, Golf Course, St. Mary's 
One of two birds that were present on the golf course with the other, a very unremarkable, Tree Pipit like but educational bird, that I initially found. This is certainly the better and more well marked of the two. More here.
Olive-backed Pipit, Watermill Lane, St. Mary's 
Two were present together in a weedy field along Watermill Lane where they would often stay very close together. More of this and the other bird here.
Northern Waterthrush, Lower Moors, St. Mary's 
Star of the show really in that it was one of the few lifers I tend to get these days and real mega. Super bird with more images to seen here.