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Isles of Scilly - 2008: page 1
Scillies October 2008 saw many familier rare species make appearances again, Grey-cheeked Thrush, Red-eyed Vireo etc however a Sociable Plover was a first for the islands, I also missed the Red-flanked Bluetail which was also a first, whilst a strong supporting cast of good rares, most enjoyable.

Red-eyed Vireo
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Black Redstart
Water Pipit
Grey-cheeked Thrush
Red-backed Shrike
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An ultra confiding Wryneck kept the photographers happy for a week on the end of Peninnis Head, St. Mary's Isles of Scilly during October.
Water Pipit, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly - October 2008
A Scillies tick this bird and what a cracker it is too. It was photographed shortly after the Olive-backed Pipit on St. Agnes at Porth Killier Beach. It was mobile ranging the length of the beach but it could often show very well indeed.
Black Redstart, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly - October 2008
A couple of fine Black Redstarts were present around the Pergilis slipway on St. Agnes which often showed extremely well on the rocks up as far as the beach below the Campsite.
Olive-backed Pipit, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly - October 2008
As can be the case with Scilly many birds can perform at only a few metres range totally ignoring everyone around them, this OBP did exactly that when it bathed in a puddle just a few metres from 50birders. Excellent. Click here for more pictures of this bird.
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Sociable Plover, Standing Stones Field, St. Mary's, Scilly October 2008
The highlight of the 12 October days was this fine first for Scilly Sociable Plover which was initially found on the airfield before moving to Standing Stones field the next day where it showed very well in improving light conditions. Click here to go to more pictures of this bird