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Bittern, Fishers Green, Lee Valley, Essex 8th February
Spent a couple of hours in the hide waiting for this bird to finally show itself it the open and when it did it was as a brief dash across the cut in the reeds only.
Little Egret, Gunners Park, Essex - 5th March 2008
One of the early attempts of an inflight 'local' Little Egret didn't turn out to bad
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Little Egret, Porth Hellick Pool, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly 11th May 2010
This fine Little Egret had spent majority of its time at Porth Hellick Pool on the far side but for fifteen minutes it flew across to the near side and fed just to the south of the Seaward Hide. It was nervous, always alert to the camera shutter going off but it did make it's way closer and closer to the hide until it eventually decided the may was the place to be and departed.
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Little Egret - Southchurch Hall Park 1st January 2013
Went looking for Mandarins and found this fella feeding in the pond immediately northwest of the main duck lake. It was clearly not phased by the passers by and it was good to finally see a local individual that didn't fly off the moment you clap eyes on it. As can be seen the bird has already acquired breeding garb, cracker.
Little Egret - Bowers Marsh RSPB, Essex 24th August 2014
Although not the closest of birds from a photography standpoint I rather like these underwing shots. It was a little difficult to obtain these on the day due to grey sky with only broken cloud, thus very little blue back ground.
Glossy Ibis, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex May 2012
Glossy Ibis, Vange Marsh, Essex October 2013
Purple Heron, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex April 2016
Glossy Ibis, Fair Isle, October 2015
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