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Slavonian Grebe, Vange Wick, Essex 31st January 2010
An absolute cracker that has often been elusive
Slavonian Grebe, North Haven, Fair Isle October 2016
A super confiding bird spent a few days in the harbour; more of this bird can be seen in the isle gallery for 2016 by clicking here
Great Crested Grebe, Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex - 15th April 2007
A species that has become scarcer in in recent years in the Southend area in Summer, still abundant as an autumn and winter visitor to the Thames Estuary
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Great Crested Grebe, Dungeness, Kent 16th February 2014
A bird in front of the hide at the RSPB Reserve at Dungeness was extremely showing, catching fish right outside the the window. As can be seen the bird is acquiring its summer plumage
Great Crested Grebe, Bowers Marsh, Essex 9th March 2014
A stunning pair were present on a flood at the reserve this afternoon and in perfect light however they generally kept there distance but I rather like this shot.
Slavonian Grebe, Two Tree Island, Essex 14th February 2010
Not as close as the Vange bird but a cracker none the less
Red-necked Grebe