1st-winter - Nimmo's Pier bird 1
Galway - February 2009
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1st-winter - Nimmo's Pier bird 2
1st-winter - Nimmo's Pier bird 3
1st-winter - Nimmo's Pier bird 4
1st-winter - Nimmo's Pier bird 5
3rd-winter - Nimmo's Pier
Adult - Nimmo's Pier
1st-winter - Rossaveal bird 1
1st-winter - Rossaveal bird 2
1st-winter - Rossaveal bird 3
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Nimmo's Pier in Galway was certainly 'the' place to get up close views of these cracking gulls with eight seen here over four days. A further three were seen at Rossaveal Docks half an hours drive to the north.
First-winter/Juvenile bird 1: Note that when in overcast conditions has made the bird look different in tone
First-winter/Juvenile bird 2: A slighter and more tea coloured bird than the previous individual. Note the differences in tail patterns between the two birds (last images on this page)
Both of the above juvenile/first-winter birds are in the same frame here allowing immediate comparison: bird 1 is on the left and bird 2 on the right.

The tail patterns below are markedly different with bird 1 on the left and bird 2 on the right.
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