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Fair Isle - Spring 2014: Page 1
So for 2014 there will be four visits to the Magic Isle with the first being in late May / early June, the peak autumn period of late September is next and the lastly mid to late October. Images will be updates here as when time allows following each trip.

Spring - Well some quality birds were seen but perhaps the best of it was before and after my visit but hey Caspian Stonechat and Collared Flycatcher are stunning birds. It was great to see some seabirds on the cliffs and marked a contrast compared with autumn when the cliffs are searched for migrants.

The weather was largely, well, foggy but a few fine days produced good variety.

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Greenish Warbler
Black Guillemot
Great Skua
Red-backed Shrike
Collared Flycatcher
Icterine Warbler
Arctic Tern
Marsh Warbler
'Fair Isle' Wren
Fulmars - Fair Isle, June 2014
Even more Fulmars were here in the spring compared with autumn, when there is already a lot of birds here. I have kept the numbers of images here minimal as many were taken in 2013.
Caspian Stonechat
Arctic Skua
Kumlien's Gull
Gannets - Fair Isle, June 2014
The colonies on the west cliffs were bulging with nesting Gannets whilst close flyby's were possible from Buness.
Eider - Fair Isle, June 2014
Scattered around the coast several parties of Eiders were noted but this drake ion North Haven was a performer for a very short time only before swimming back out of the harbour.
Quail - Fair Isle, June 2014
I first heard a singing Quail from the base of Malcolms Head, bird singing around Midway, and whilst we moved in to try and locate it I came across a dead bird in a field. The original bird was seen close to Midway and was seen dust bathing on the road at one point. Best views so far of Quail in the UK.
Dotterel, male, Ward Hill - Fair Isle, June 2014
A rather exhausting trudge up Ward Hill for this bird seemed like a bad idea half way up with the heavy camera, lens and tripod but it was worth it in the end for this super bird. In the afternoon the hill was fog bound. More of this bird can be found by clicking here
Snipe - Boini Mire, Fair Isle, June 2014
Something I've not witness in a very long time was drumming Snipe, simply don't get this event in my neck of the woods. Displaying birds would use prominent fence posts to launch themselves into their display.
Kumlien's Gull, 1st year - Fair Isle, May 2014
Seen most days of the trip when in the south of the isle this now pale winged looking bird still retains the duskier inner webs of the out primaries in flight. I was either hampered by fog or a jumpy gull flock thus shots of this bird were very few and far between.
Arctic Tern - Buness and Skadan, Fair Isle, June 2014
The colony of Arctic Terns on Buness were the best location to get shots of Arctic Terns, and Bridled Tern a week or so after I left. Several birds were around the rocks in the south also.
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