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Great Northern Divers, Southend Pier, Essex - 29th January 2007
This set relates to a pair of immature birds that often fed very close to the boardwalk
Red-throated Diver, Porthcressa Bay, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly October 2010
Another diver species that was extremely confiding, often feeding just a few metres from the waters edge.
Great Northern Divers, Southend Pier, Essex 3rd January 2010 
Five of these magnificent birds fed on crabs close to the west side of the pier-head, all were first-winters
A Black-throated Diver had been seen on a regular basis from the end of Southend Pier for about 2 weeks so a visit was made on 9th March 2008. The bird was soon located on the north side of the pier head but never came very close, the image here is a heavy crop. A second bird was also found further out into the estuary but also never showed very close to the pier head.
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Red-throated Divers, Shetland, South Mainland, 7th June 2014
Several summer plumaged Red-throated Divers were seen however a small roadside pool north of Lerwick held this fine pair, which are aptly showing off their 'red-throats'.
Great Northern Divers, River Crouch, Essex 10th January 2017
Whilst not as close as the pier birds above this was still a performer