Common Blue (above and two following images), Benfleet Downs, Essex 7th June 2009
male Common Blue (fresh), Gunners Park, Essex 26th July 2008
male Common Blue (fresh), Cissbury Ring, West Sussex 27th July 2008
male Common Blue's, Fleet Head, Essex 6th August 2008
female Common Blue (2 images above), Fleet Head, Essex 6th August 2008
Compare underwing pattern with Brown Argus. On the upper image the spot on the forewing, close to the body, is visible but note how it can be covered by the hindwing as on the lower image, also the 5th spot in the chain at the top of the forewing is also covered. Another feature that seperates from Brown Argus and confirms Common Blue is the widely spaced spots on the top edge of the hindwing.
bright / blue female Common Blue, Malling Down, West Sussex, 23rd August 2008
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Common Blue


male Common Blue, Paglesham Lagoon, Essex 24th May 2009
bright / blue female Common Blue, Box Hill, Surrey, 5th July 2009
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