Central Peru - June 2007
Overseas Photo Page

Peru is a large and diverse country for birding with probably something in the range of 1300+ species. There are three main areas for birding; the North where one can look for the Marvelous Spatuleltail; the Manu and Manu Road in the Amazon and the Central high altitude Andes. For our trip with decided on the Santa Eulalia Valley and some of the mid elevation rainforest around Villa Rica as well as a pelagic out of Lima. In our visit we notched up 506 species that included some stunning species along with some hugely impressive scenery.

The following images are a selection of some of what we saw. at the time I was still using my old Canon 20D thus some image quality is lacking from later birding trips.

Grebes, Pelicans & Penguin
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The images over the next few pages show but a handful of the highlights from this superb trip.
Herons, Flamingo's & Ibis
Cotingas, Guan's & Ani
Coots & Rails
Birds of Prey
Other Wildlife
Gulls & Skimmers
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