A very fine bright adult Cattle Egret was found roosting on the saltings of Tewkes Creek where birders soon realised that there was also a juvenile present. These birds would only rarely visit the cattle fields on the north side of the creek near Hadleigh Castle thus remained general distant and difficult to get any decent images of.

They would also roost nightly at the Two Tree Island roost, the same trees that had the springs Night Heron, where they would generally arrived at around 8.30pm. As of today, 6th August, the attached images are the best that I have so far managed but will post better images should I be successful in obtaining any.

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Cattle Egrets - Benfleet Creek / Tewkes Creek complex, Essex 6th August 2011
The first three images are from the Two Tree Island roost on the 3rd August. Extremely low light meant high ISO and extremely slow shutter speeds,
The following images were taken from the Benfleet Creek seawall and are a combination of SLR and digiscoping efforts, again birds distant so must do better.
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