Brunnich's Guillemot - Portland Harbour, Dorset, 23rd December 2013
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Only my second UK of the year, following the Thick-billed Warbler on Shetland in early October but this one was also a World tick. I failed to get to Portland the day the news broke, Boxing Day, because horrendous traffic on the M25 but today the bird was enjoyed with friends Ian, the Suffolk lads and several others amongst the crowd of around 300+.

The bird was seen right at first thing swimming around just off the seawall in half light but was eventually nailed mid to late morning around the pontoon near the Marina in much better light. It had a habit of diving and appearing a good distance from where it went under but with patience, practice, the odd run and up and down the path the bird could be seen at close range. Also around the harbour were Red-breasted Mergansers, Black Guillemot, Great Northern Divers, Razorbills, Guillemots and Kingfisher.