Again the annual returning pair of Black-winged Stilts appeared at Vange Marsh where breeding was attempted but ultimately failed again, one year maybe they will be successful. 2017 was a bumper year for the immediate area with perhaps as many as six birds, mostly paired. I had a maximum of three birds at Vange, the breeding bird and a singleton.

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Black-winged Stilts - Vange Marsh, Essex 23rd April 2017 & Bowers Marsh July 2017
UK Rarities
What was almost certainly the pair that bred at Cliffe Marshes in North Kent spent a couple of weeks at Bowers Marsh where the adult and 3 juveniles were at times fairly showy but most of the time, as with most local stilts, just beyond the optimum camera range. Still these birds continue our impressive 5 year run of annual sightings from the area.