Awesome. This amazing bird was found by birders on the Good Shepherd whilst leaving Fair Isle and was only about 15mins from the quay. I got both a text and a knock on the door as it was only around 7.45am and I tore down to North Haven with the camera. After some panicking and running up Buness to get a view the bird had managed to get around us and was seen flying around the north end and over the bay with the Obs and Sheep Rock behind. It was all running, loss of breath and celebrations. I saw this super bird on two more occasions and was the last to see it near North Rensigeo.

One of the very best bird experiences in the UK I have ever had.

This is the second Black-browed Albatross I've seen in the UK and is the second I've seen in Shetland.

UK Rarities
Black-browed Albatross - Buness, Fair Isle, 28th May 2016
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