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Guillemot, Southend Pier, Essex - 11th November 2007
Confiding birds were present in both winter periods
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Guillemot, Southend Pier, Essex -27th January 2012
An improvement on the bird photographed here at the beginning of the year with two birds performing so close you could almost reach out and touch them. When the guilles are in town Southend Pier is undoubtably the best place to get up close views in Essex.
Guillemot - Southend Pier, Essex January 2012
Video Clip: One of several close birds at the pier head
Black Guillemot
Razorbills, Fair Isle, May and June 2014
Scattered birds were around the cliffs but those off Dutfield presented the best photo opportunity, even if I had to stand on the cliff edge and look straight down. I had never noticed previously that the inside of a Razorbill 'mouth' is a brilliant yellow. Stunning.
Razorbills, Fair Isle, May 2016
The cliffs close to the Obs hold a few pairs of the most accessible Razorbills, perhaps these are the same birds photographed  at the very same place back in 2014?