This intriguing male dark-headed wagtail often seen very well in front of the Seaward Hide at Porth Hellick on several days. Supportive of Ashy-headed Wagtail this bird has a whitish throat however it is not clean and clear cut white as there is a distinct yellowish wash.  The submoustacial is prominently and boldly clean white. These features though could indicate a first-summer Grey-headed Wagtail. The head is darkish grey being darker around the loral region and beneath the eye whilst there is distinct olive feathering on the crown perhaps hinting at a hybrid.

The call that was uttered was very close to that as transcribed in Pipits and Wagtails by Per Alstrom and Bill Zetterstrom for Ashy-headed Wagtail, rather than Grey-headed Wagtail, and sounded like a squeeky Cricket.
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Southern Wagtail? - Porth Hellick Pool, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly May 2009
Scilly 2009